Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Born Leader

A Born Leader

by Trupti Borkar

THE personal assistant of MLA reminded him of the next appointment. Keeping all important assignments aside, he went into the changing room and dressed in a formal attire. Within no time he was ready for the grand occasion. The assistant was anxiously waiting for him along with his friend at the gate. Rather than the MLA, he was more anxious to join the big army of elites that would flock to the ceremony to be held on the occasion of a minister’s birthday.

It was half past six when they reached the minister’s residence. A huge pandal was erected in front of the palatial residence of the minister. It was beautifully decorated and illuminated. Party workers were seen greeting the people right at the linking road leading to pandal and guiding the people. The MLA alighted from the car. The cops posted around escorted him towards the residence. It took almost ten minutes for them due to serpentine queues. Before they could enter the minister’s room, the MLA noticed that he had come empty-ended – not even with a bouquet of flowers.

He brought this fact to the notice of his assistant. For a minute he was confused as it was his responsibility to take precaution of each and every thing concerning the visits of MLA. He knew that if he didn’t act and do something at that juncture, he might lose his job forever. He had no other option than to use his brain and act swiftly to save his master from an embarrassing situation.

Telling the MLA to stay put, the assistant entered into the room where people were extending greetings to the minister on the occasion of his birthday. He noticed that after the bouquets were being presented to the minister, the same were kept into a nearby room by one of the party workers. The room was full of bouquets and garlands. He thought of stealing bouquets from the pile. But that was a bit difficult task. He thought of an idea – he at once summoned his friend at the same place. Then, he directly went and greeted the person who was collecting the bouquet and told him that the CM had just arrived and he wanted you to escort him.

Within no time, the man assigned the duty to the MLA’s assistant and disappeared. In the meantime, the assistant handed over three bouquets to his friend. The idea had worked for him, without wasting a minute, on the pretext of attending a phone call, the assistant left the room and joined his master.

Now they were ready for the occasion. The bouquets were almost ready for the second round of felicitation. After a wait, it was their turn to present the flowers to the minister. His master presented the bouquet to the minister followed by him and his friend. The man who was collecting the bouquet knew the MLA very well. He just happened to see the label affixed to the bouquet and to his utter surprise it was the one which was presented by him to the minister.

He soon realised what had happened. He took the assistant around and said, “I see a future MLA in you.’’ And the prediction has come true. The assistant is one of the MLAs in assembly today.

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